The National Substance Misuse
Conference 2016

Why you should come to #NSM2016?

A unique opportunity to receive leading expert knowledge in these 4 key areas:

  • Strategy & Treatment - The new Drug strategy will highlight key findings and new practice to be implement and shape the future of treatment in the UK. How do we increase BME representation in treatment and build relationships.
  • NPS - The ever changing NPS market, new legislation is due to be released but is it really going to work? Prisons declaring ‘Spice’ as the number 1 drug of choice, however, this is not being reflected in services. Are you out of date?
  • Recovery – To capitalise & build on emerging support systems & services, in order to achieve whole person recovery (including citizenship and prosperity) for current and future service user populations.
  • Policy – How policy currently impacts upon delivery and the wider effects of societal aspirations. Bringing together the latest scientific evidence and Global Health research, we will explore how to best shape current and future drug (and associated) policies to ensure that addiction is viewed as a human rights and public health issue.
  • Who should attend?

    Who is the target audience?

    The target audience for the conference are: Directors of Public Health, Substance Misuse workers, Public Health Commissioners, CCG leads, Police, Fire Service, Criminal Justice Boards, Community Safety Partnerships, Behaviour Support Managers, Drug & Alcohol Recovery Managers, Directors of Operations, Senior Managers & Decision Makers, Partnership Co-ordinators, Behaviour Support Managers, Academics, Health Sectors, Local Authorities, Voluntary Sector, Treatment Funders, Researchers, Policy Makers, Clinicians, Housing Associations and the Private Sector.

    What are the key objectives?

    #NSM2016 is a national stage to work together, interact with the audience and achieve the following objectives;

  • To  provide  a  platform  for  strengthening  the  responses  to Substance Misuse  among  the diverse  populations  and  communities  impacted
  • To  advance  the  knowledge, implementation  and  scale  up  of  evidence‐informed Substance Misuse strategies and programmes. 
  • To  bring  together  the UK’s  Substance Misuse  experts  to  catalyse  and  advance knowledge,  present  the  most  recent  research  findings,  and promote and enhance key skills
  • To  influence  leaders,  including  key  policy  makers  and  sponsors,  to  increase  their commitment to breaking down barriers and raise awareness of tackling Substance Misuse

  • Breaking Down Barriers;
    together we can do this!